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Negotiated Savings only matters if it’s actually delivered

During the past five years, North American companies have invested over $5 Billion into eProcurement initiatives only to find that 74% of these initiatives have failed to achieve their intended return on investment.  If you’ve struggled to make eProcurement a success, find out how Absolute Commerce can help.

Reduce Maverick SpendReduce Risk

In procurement, risk management equals spend management

A recent AT Kearney study found that more than 50% of corporations lack adequate controls to ensure compliance with existing corporate contracts.  Find out how Absolute Commerce helps crush Maverick Spend while thrilling your end users.

Procurement Market IntelligenceAnalyze Spending

What gets measured gets managed

It’s clear that measuring “Realized Savings” provides the best financial results. So, why do 70% of procurement organizations in North America still measure “Negotiated Savings” at the time of contract negotiation?  Absolute Commerce helps you measure savings when it’s realized in your P&L, and increase the effectiveness of your spend analytics and visibility programs.